Revenue is important. Emotions are important.

Quick decision-making. Delegation. Managing incredible amounts of pressure. Managing conflict. And many more of such so-called emotionally-driven skills that have a massive direct impact on your revenue.

Every step of the way, unless you are a machine, you are either diverted or directed by your emotions.

You know your industry, you have done all the processes in the correct order. Yet, the journey to revenue is taking longer.

In the last 20 years, Jeev has directly interacted with 400+ founders & their teams, and indirectly interacted with 2500+ startups and individual entrepreneurs. This has helped him create the courses listed below, keeping human emotions, lean processes and revenue targets in mind.

Jeev Sahoo

Hi, I’m Jeev.

I am here to help you navigate the learning, understanding, and practising of people skills, especially designed for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs and teams raising funds. Having spent my day jobs in the automotive tech sector across 10+ countries, and having worked with 400+ founders and multiple accelerators around the world, I have observed some key gaps that are not captured in books on people skills (those are mostly written by recruiters - my stuff is composed of real lessons). Having sat on both sides of the table, pitching and being pitched to, I have real life examples to share.

I do not want you to lose hours, days or even years learning these skills. I will be providing them in brief, succinct courses.

Remember, just being in the start-up world, you think different, and your impact is changing this world. Stay awesome!