The inner voice criticising you is not yours

It tells us to do our best. If we don't, we are nothing. It takes away our self-worth. It keeps a list of mistakes we have done. It does not praise us when we do things right.

And it says, its all for your good. Sound familiar? But - the voice criticising you is NOT your voice. What is it then?

Who is your Inner Critic?

Where does it all start? Why do we feel bad about criticism? What feeds it? What about the 'shoulds and coulds'?

How does it work?

What are the ways our Inner Critic operates around us? How does it relate to the illusion of so-called high standards?

What do we get over it?

Do we know the actual price we pay for listening to our Inner Critic? What are the ways to disable our 'Inner Critic'? Or better still, how can we get over it for ever?

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